Wonderful and Effective Engagement Gift Ideas

A wedding engagement is a remarkable event in a young couple’s life together, and family members and close friends often wish to express their happiness and excitement for the couple in the form of gifts.

Although it is not required to give engagement gifts, it can still be a thoughtful and wonderful gesture. There are several magazines and websites that provide various engagement gift ideas, but try to remember that the most essential thing is to choose something that is fit for the couple and truthfully conveys your best wishes for them.

Engagement gifts will vary depending on the personality of the couple and how much the giver knows them. They can be simple and practical, like an attractive photo album or postage stamps; they can fun, such as movie tickets for two; they can be gourmet, like exotic chocolates or a drink sampler; or they can be humorous, such as bedroom manuals and fortune telling books.

One of the most essential tips when thinking of engagement gift ideas is trying to find a gift that would be relevant to the couple. For instance, there are couples who would be most pleased and engagement gift ideas delighted when receiving wine, or champagne, and glasses, while others may not be as appreciative. If a close friend of yours has recently been engaged and you know she finds happiness in creating scrapbooks, then give her colorful papers and stickers she can use for the next few months as she scrapbooks all of her wedding related events. For those who love to spend every waking hour outdoors, a big and a roomy backpack can be a good choice.

Included among the many engagement gift ideas that could be appropriate is a gift with a functional purpose. Gifts can bear a practical or a playful character. Either way, it’s important that it sincerely conveys your truest and warmest wishes for the couple. For the more practical couples, choose gifts that will last for a long time. This can be soft towels, kitchen and dining utensils, magazine subscriptions or picture frames. For the more playful couple, consider buying novelty goods like wedding joke books or humorous shirts.

You can present the couple an engagement gift any time right after the couple has formally announced their engagement, and prior to any wedding or bridal shower. If the couple decides to organize an engagement party, use that opportunity to surprise them with your gift. But if most of the guests come without bringing any gifts, or if the host requests that the guests not bring anything, then it is advisable that you do not bring anything as it could become uncomfortable. Try to pick a more personal time to delight the future married couple. If the engagement will take place a month or two before the wedding, then choose a gift the couple can enjoy while waiting for the arrival of the big day. Some unique engagement gift that can be given to couples with short engagement periods could include household supplies or gift baskets.

Despite the fact that engagement gifts are commonly given with the couple in mind, there are times that the giver may only know one person from the couple. When confronted with this kind of situation, it is okay to send a gift to the person you are most acquainted with.