Self Build Land and More

The practice of self build is in demand in United Kingdom and Ireland. This practice means the involvement of the individual on building his house. An individual may choose to design his house, choose the materials that will be used, the size, and everything about the construction. He has the freedom to do it on his own, can seek the expertise of an architect, or can just let the developer take over the construction. This means to say that the individual has the control over the construction of his own home, from the materials to be used to the use of space.

You may think that this kind of freedom may be expensive. However, you should think again because you might be mistaken. Actually the cost of a self build house is even much cheaper. The practice of self build emerged from the desire of the many to have their houses built the way they want it to be built but could not afford on the open market. รับสร้างบ้าน

Now let’s take a look on how self build is done.

Purchasing your plot of land

You can begin your self build house after you buy your self build land. You must also secure a plotting permission and have the land assessed that it is good for self build project and the like. You must then consider the location, the price, the title, and all the necessary documents to make your project hassle-free.

Finance you new home

There a many ways on financing your project. You can secure a mortgage depending on your income or capacity to pay. Just always bear in mind to stick to your budget no matter what. Also, always remember to get the best quality with your money. You have to do a lot of research. You should know where to find materials in its best quality and know how to stick to your budget.

Insurance for you self build house

Remember that you are the land owner and whatever accidents may occur is your liability. A site insurance is not enough. Get a public liability insurance and get help from a licensed broker.

Let’s begin

You start your self build house with a drawing. You now could hire an architect to draw what is it that you want to built. Then you can look for building contractor to carry out the details of your plans. Or you can hire men to build your house and let them attend a self build show. In this show, they will be provided with a lot of useful information that they will be needing.

You are the man

You are in charge of your project. Your motivation is your desire to be involved in as many possible way in building your house. So, always monitor and be on the top of everything. Put much time on the planning than executing but make sure that you are careful on each step of the planning. No matter how much you planned when not executed properly is still as good as nothing.