Commercial Kitchen Floor Care Service

Not only should commercial kitchen floors be kept clean and sanitized but all Flooring contractors Chicago
of the restaurant should be done basically in the same way. There are many ways and tips for commercial kitchen floor care service. By the time that the staff in the back of the restaurant are finished with their shift their energy is low. If they are the ones that are closing the restaurant there are many extra things that have to be done so the restaurant is ready for next day’s business before the staff can clock out and go home. It is very important to remember in floor care service that restaurant floors have to be maintained hygienically maintained to not only protect the customers but to meet the necessary health regulations and codes.

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Some of the tips for kitchen floor care service are:

• Make sure that all of the floor drains are not obstructed and working property because if not, the water used to clean the floors will just lay there until the drain is cleaned out and the water can run out it smoothly and unobstructed
• Typically in a restaurant the bathroom and kitchen floors are made of ceramic or quarry. To help decrease the possibility of a customer or kitchen staff along with maintaining proper sanitation.
• Before you handle any food, make sure that you wash your hands under hot water for a few second with some anti-bacterial soap. Use some soap and water and mop the floorings to help debris from becoming air borne, especially around the workstations or on equipment.
• Change and clean your buckets and mops on a daily basis to help decrease or prevent contaminants from being spread across the floors by a dirty mop. If both of these are not keep clean and sanitized it can become a health code problem.
• To move the moisture on the floors into the drains for quicker drying you should use a squeegee mop.
• At least once a week your floor care service routine should include buffing the floors using a one hundred seventy five rmp buffer. If it is necessary you could do this every day, especially grease, oil, or dirt that could have built up on the back kitchen floors.
• Every restaurant should make sure that the chemicals used to clean the floors, the extra mops, should be stored in the area where other supplies are kept. All of these things should be kept under the sink or in a secure location on shelves to make it harder for all the pests to get inside them.