Centralized vs. Distributed Print Models in Enterprise Printing

Within the world financial system, it’s more and more widespread for corporations to require enterprise printing throughout a number of geographic places. When an organization begins to analysis the out there superior print spooling options in the marketplace, they may quickly see that there have been two distinct (if not polar) colleges of thought concerning superior spooling software program implementation technique. cheap color copies

The 2 methods are both to make use of a single centralized print server or to put in spooling software program onto the varied distributed software servers all through the enterprise. Each of those approaches have benefits and downsides.

The Centralized Print Server Mannequin

Within the centralized print server mannequin, the corporate would merely set up the print administration software program on a single centrally situated server accessible all through the enterprise.

One benefit of a centralized print server is that it permits a single level of management and oversight of all enterprise print jobs and queues. This mannequin will be simpler since it’s a single commonplace resolution, requiring much less administrator coaching and fewer printer definitions to keep up. Since this can be a single commonplace resolution reasonably than an answer that must be put in throughout a number of servers, it has the potential to save lots of an organization cash by decrease software program license charges.

Nevertheless, whereas this mannequin affords the only level of management, a serious drawback is that it affords a single level of failure. Not solely does this suggest enterprise-wide downtime within the occasion of the print server crashing or in any other case going offline, however there are additionally important considerations round catastrophe restoration conditions. Within the occasion of a catastrophe on the centralized print location, enterprise print operations could be offline indefinitely till the placement may get well or till a unique server location might be chosen to reinstall and re-implement the print resolution.

This appears to be a major sufficient limitation in its personal proper, however the centralized print server mannequin additionally entails a lack of autonomy on the native print web site degree, whereby directors would not have the power to handle native queues and print jobs. Additionally, implementation of the central print spool resolution requires a number of hops over the community, consuming valuable bandwidth and growing associated latency of print instances.

Distributed Print Server Mannequin

The distributed print server mannequin, alternatively, is put in at a number of places all through the enterprise–either on the dimensions of a number of regional print servers all the best way all the way down to set up on each consumer workstation all through the enterprise.

The advantages of this print server mannequin is that print jobs and queues could also be managed regionally, with much less dependence on assist from central IT and print directors. Since print requests are made regionally, the quantity of print request site visitors and bandwidth used on the central print server is exponentially lowered, leading to improved efficiency and printer response time. Lastly, the distributed print server mannequin affords a level of inherent redundancy since downtime at one location doesn’t suggest enterprise-wide termination of print processes.

Nevertheless, the advantages of the distributed print server mannequin are checked by the elevated price to the corporate. A number of installations will imply a number of software program license charges, which multiplies the price of the preliminary set up together with growing the price of sustaining the software program on the servers through license renewal charges. Growing the variety of separate installations will even enhance the price of coaching and sustaining IT employees proficiency within the software program.

Within the distributed print server mannequin, you additionally lose the centralized management that makes the centralized mannequin so interesting. You even have extra printer definitions to keep up with the distributed mannequin.