A Briefly Insight Into the Big Bang Theory

One of the most controversial theories in the history of mankind is the Big Bang theory. It’s almost widely accepted and helped us to understand our existence in many ways. But what really is The Big Bang? Throughout time a lot of theories and definitions were made, but finally only one is pertinent: The Big Bang is a cosmological process which explains the birth of substance, space, time and energy. That is to say, the birth of the Universe. All happened as a result of an instantaneously explosion from a single point called singularity(something without a shape and with infinite energy). In moment “zero”, this point stepped out from his singularity and manifested its infinite energy through a massive explosion. This theory also tell us that the Universe is under a continuous expansion thanks to dark matter. Dark matter is an undetectable matter resulted from the gravity force and constitutes 80% of the ordinary matter in the Universe.

The age of the universe is established by scientists by means watch big bang theory online of the cosmic radiation background, which demonstrates that the temperature of the universe is of 3 degrees Celsius above 0. From this fact results that the approximate age of the Universe is of 14 billion years.

Recently, the scientists have tried to create the condition of the first seconds after the Big Bang. Hereby they developed a huge machine ( 27km length), called Large Hadron Collider. LGC’s purpose is to collide subatomic particles at the speed of light. The scientists sustain the theory according to which the temperature resulted from these collisions (100.000 times bigger than the temperature of the Sun’s core). On the basis of the temperature resulted from these collisions, the scientists will determine the primordial elements of the Big Bang. Actually, LGC is a sort of “time machine”, hopefully that takes us back at the primordial substance. Many have believed that this machine will generate a catastrophic incident, as a black hole, that will lead to the end of mankind.